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Just got back from another trip to Jacksonville, with a new long-trip record. The weather is cooling off so it's now comfortable to drive without A/C, and I managed 80.1mpg on the 170 mile trip, averaging ~60mph. I was able to stay in lean burn something like 95% of the trip.

Earlier I took it to the dealer and had a new key made (cheaper than Walmart) and picked up 2 quarts of MT fluid (a change requires 1.56qts), a new cabin air filter and some small plastic push pin-screw thingys for further projects under the car. Also had them order a few of the coated bolts used on the battery box, as mine is missing several.

Immediate projects, possible to do this weekend:

*5MT fluid change
*FAS button and improve my Calpod design
*3d-print a part and fix my slightly loose driver window switch
*Order a rear engine mount
*Do some further testing and possibly order a door lock actuator
*Solar powered exhaust fan, to keep cool when parked in the sun

Scratched off of my list is wrapping the exhaust.

Some other items of interest:

*Replacing bulbs with LEDs where applicable, and might offer decent power savings

*Look into a tow hitch or (removable) cargo box. I know this is blasphemy, but it seems a better option than renting another car or small truck when we next move. A hitch would allow for a rear cargo container or small trailer instead. Unfortunately it looks quite involved due to the aluminum nature of the body, but will still probably cost less than driving a truck 1500 miles.

*Backup camera - of interest for my wife, as she backed into another car in a parking lot recently. Looks like I can get a double-DIN replacement panel from a Japanese Insight for about $200, which is a bit rich for my blood. Other alternatives are a winshield-mounted screen, and one that is inside the rearview mirror.

*Central armrest - looks neat, but I'm short and probably drive with my seat too far forward for it to be of any use

*Cruise control, for long trips, hoping to do a circuit of the U.S.

*Hot coolant reservoir, to aid even more in warming the engine quickly


Regarding the solar-powered fan, earlier today I sat out in the sun with a pile of computer fans and an old solar battery tender I had laying around, tested each one to see which would offer the most airflow with the panel's limited wattage, and settled on an 80mm Sanyo Denki ball-bearing fan. I'll need to do some panel placement testing, to see if the very slightly tinted glass in the hatch will still allow enough light through to spin the fan reasonably. If not, I might get a larger panel or a different fan.

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