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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Because gas in my town is only $3.20 / gallonUS, $0.85 / Liter right now and going down.
Yeah, i am paying about $1.80 a litre so both fuel and electricity are expensive here.
Makes the electric car very attractive as it will recharge overnight on the cheaper electricity rates and likely be offset by my excess solar production. So zero cost transport.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
My electricity is $0.15 / kWh so a leaf is $0.045 / mile and a PriusC costs $0.058. A Ford Fiesta is $0.08. Add in the limited life of the Leaf battery at $5,500 every 5 years/ 80,000 miles (hidden cost of $0.07 / mile is probably quite a bit higher than a ice drivetrain), and the limited range, and the best gas cars are still cheaper to run and more versatile.
I wonder how much that batteries will actually cost in 5 years. Even at 70% capacity loss the Leaf would still get me to work and back. So maybe i would get more than 5 years between replacements.
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