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We have a fourth utility which is sewerage. (So gas, water, electricity and sewerage)
They work out the sewage disposal charge by charging you again for a percentage of your water usage.

Your water usage here would have cost.
Water service charge = $36.43
Water usage charge = 520cu ft = 14.725 kilolitres @ $2.3060 per kilolitre = $33.95
Sewerage service charge = $41.21
Sewage disposal charge = 85% of water usage @ $1.7994 per kilolitre = $22.52
Melbourne Water waterways and drainage charge = $15.50
Parks Victoria charge = $11.77
Total water and sewerage for the two months would be $161.38

Your electricity for the one month listed would be
Usage charge = 460 kWh @ $0.30 per kWh = $138
Service charge = 33 days at $1.10 per day = $36.30
Total electricity charges = $174.30

Bill total would be $335.68

This sort of electricity cost makes solar very attractive and the excess solar production makes the EV make sense. Especially as they only pay 8 cents per kWh for any excess you supply to the grid. So you save more by using the generated solar power yourself. Each solar kWh you use yourself saves you 30 cents, every kWh you sell makes you 8 cents.
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