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Originally Posted by BamZipPow View Post
Do you off-road with yer Jeep? Auto or manual transmission? Does this have full time 4WD? What speed do you set yer cruise to fer highway driving? What do you use to monitor yer gas mileage (Scangauge II, Ultragauge, or smartphone/dongle) with? What gas mileage do you currently git on the highway?

If you can learn how to drive economically using a mileage monitor, you will probably see the biggest increase on yer gas mileage.
Nto really any off roading but 1-2ft of snow happens a lot, its 4x4 auto, I have a elm327 had dashboard commander but not on my new phone so I need a nee app.

I do need to insure I'm driving correct that's an easy one and I'll get an app.

I drive 115km a day, about 10% city, 30% under 100km/h on rural roads, and 60% on hwy. I put it on cruise at 110km/h on the hwy. Sometimes try to draft a big rig lol.

I'm thinking of blocking all all the lower openings on the bumper, and 60% of the grill becusee its getting cold here.

I read on green diesels site that to get better milage in the winter to pull the intake and just use the warm air from the engine bay, don't understand that part.
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