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Originally Posted by trooper Tdiesel View Post
i know its not a real common auto hear as its not seen as a save gas ride..but......has any one hear tried?

ive got a set of 13" rims that have the double pattern 4X100 and 4X108
the focus's have the 108s and there much harder to find in a used rim..

ford focus, ford contours and its merk clone, are one of the few with the pattern made in the last 10/15 years state side..

depending on the model, there sold OE in 2001 with.....
185/65/14 my OE size..
set ups...
2002 they added a 215/45/17 to the list... so quite the variety lol

in 13" rims a 165/80/13 is more or less a wash with the OE 14" size..
155/80/13 is about .6 of an inch shorter then OE
im looking at this as a winter tire.

and yes im well aware of the side effects of going under OE size

my rear is drum brakes so i think clearance is fine for that, but the front is a big ?
so being that i have no ABS or anti this or anti that-ect, i may try them on just the rear if they don't fit the front.
Most modern cars have pretty tight clearances around the inside of the wheel and going smaller than the smallest stock wheel may interfere with brakes and suspension components.

Pull one of your front wheels off and put a wheel on to test fit. Look for any places that touch or have less than about a 1/4" gap. If it clears, go for it, otherwise look for a new set of wheels.

This database is the most complete I'm aware of for cross-referencing wheels:
Wheel Bolt Pattern Cross Reference Database and Conversion Guide: 4*X*108
That may give you a few more options for finding a set of used wheels that fit.
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