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Looking back through the test data it doesn't answer or back up the claims of this device. the claim is that this catalyzer converts the Kerosene (c13) hydrocarbon in fuels to a more combustible hydrocarbon, however this conversion is not accounted for in the test data in the above report, nor in the graphs and examples provided in their demonstrations.

In the narration by Foose in their video touting this device, he states:

"The Fuel Converter Breaks apart the molecular structure of the C13 carbon (or Kerosene as you know it) and other large hydrocarbons allowing them to burn more efficiently."

The assertion is that the more combustible fuels are smaller hydrocarbons (C1-C12, things like Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Hexane, Heptane, etc.), however this converted fuel does not show up any of the test data. It doesn't show up in the charts in the video and the graphic demo of the catalyzer at work does not detail this either. This is a significant flaw in the test data and explanation being used to assert the value of this device. After seeing what is claimed to be scientific data, I am only more convinced this device is actually snake oil.
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