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Old 11-05-2014, 01:55 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
So... it is a fuel preheater.

I don't see how a catalyst could do anything here as there is no reaction to catalyze before the fuel comes into contact with the air.
I doubt any bonds in the hydrocarbon chains will get broken. They will be weakened a tiny bit though - but that is due to heating the fuel, not any catalyst.
Has there been any substantial evidence yet in favor of fuel preheaters in a gasoline engine?

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Heating gasoline in and of itself is not an answer to economy.

Originally Posted by jmedia View Post
Has there been any substantial evidence yet in favor of fuel preheaters in a gasoline engine?
Coupled with other modifications to air heating, turbulence and lean burn and you might be able to see considerable economic benefits.
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Of course, if the fuel is heated it will evaporate slightly easier so it will burn cleaner in a cold engine.
Only problem is that when the engine is cold, so is the coolant and hence the fuel...

It will help. A bit. Even though they name it a fuel converter instead of preheater and charge 10 times what it is worth.
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Phoenix Power Converter claims there is no consumption of the catalyst. Their primary claim seems to center on the breaking down of C13 hydrocarbon molecules (Kerosene) into something that burns more freely, freeing up power/energy in the fuel. what they are broken down into is not explained and it doesn't show up in the C1-C13 data in their independent test data.
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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
So, the coolant goes in and out one set of fittings, the fuel goes out the other, presumably one spirals around the other inside, and they charge $850 150 for something that small? Is the catalyst their profits?
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Half the price: Laminar Flow Oil to Water Heat Exchangers - Mocal Laminar Flow Oil to Water Heat Exchanger- Large with AN Thread On Water Connections

Fill the fuel passage full of zeolite and see whether it works.

If it does, I bet it won't improve matters by 15-20%.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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There is youtube on 150mpg (Honda Insight)2001 with AquaTune.
If two and/or three first person with validity and experience came forth. I may give more interest. Other wise and just like HHO I have real concerns about credible and valid economy and or performance gains..............
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150 mpg isnt unheard of from a first gen insight. If this was a mustang or service truck, that would be another story.
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TDI Cup - '10 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Street
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Looking back through the test data it doesn't answer or back up the claims of this device. the claim is that this catalyzer converts the Kerosene (c13) hydrocarbon in fuels to a more combustible hydrocarbon, however this conversion is not accounted for in the test data in the above report, nor in the graphs and examples provided in their demonstrations.

In the narration by Foose in their video touting this device, he states:

"The Fuel Converter Breaks apart the molecular structure of the C13 carbon (or Kerosene as you know it) and other large hydrocarbons allowing them to burn more efficiently."

The assertion is that the more combustible fuels are smaller hydrocarbons (C1-C12, things like Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Hexane, Heptane, etc.), however this converted fuel does not show up any of the test data. It doesn't show up in the charts in the video and the graphic demo of the catalyzer at work does not detail this either. This is a significant flaw in the test data and explanation being used to assert the value of this device. After seeing what is claimed to be scientific data, I am only more convinced this device is actually snake oil.
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They wanted Foose on board for his name and his swoopy sketches. BTW, Did you know that sketches with arrows showing airflow have made wind tunnel testing obsolete?


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