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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Only thing is, what's recommended as the best way to determine when to pull the battery off charge? Overcharging every day can't be good for it, and Honda limited the range of charge of the battery to prolong its life.
Well, I figure right about 166-169v is 80% SoC for me, so that's when I stop it. Once I get a OBD2C&C I can manually charge it via 3krpm rev and see what % the car considers "full" then plug in my grid charger and see exactly what voltage it's at, then use simple math everyday to figure out how long it needs to be on the charger.

Also no, it's not good for the car to charge it to 100% everyday. But charging to right around what the car considers full is actually better for the battery, as your trickle charging it at 350mA instead of the 15A or whatever it gets when you regen brake.

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