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SG calibration off - MPG readout low

Top of the morning, eco-peeps!

Here's the situation at hand: The SG readout for the instantaneous MPG is low, and is affecting the AVG. I filled up last night, doing my usual protocol (cutting the pump of @ ~7 gals, waiting 15 seconds for foam to dissipate, then filling up till the pump cut off, and topping off by adding just enough gas to get the next "0" ending in the cash value. Weird, I know. OCD ) 10.897 gals @ 3.019/gal for 89 octane. $32.90 SG reported a tank average of 41.6 mpg, and the actual was 40.91... this is the farthest margin of error over the past 3 tanks.

However, I decided that I wanted to change it up to get more days and miles from a tank. So I went ahead and topped off the tank all the way to the top. The final amount of fuel was over 12 gals! This is the amount I entered in to the Fillup on the SG.

This morning, I averaged 36.1, according to the SG I nearly always get above 40, even if I am in a hurry. Could the intentional overfilling cause the AVG mpgs to be this low?



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