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Crap, I wonder what I had the hardware overcurrent set to. There's a little cube shaped pot on the control board. I can't remember how far I have it twisted clockwise. Fully Clockwise should cause a hardware overcurrent at 600amp per IGBT. It's on the left side of the board, and is blue. It needs a small phillips screw driver head, or a fingernail?

I would download realterm. I don't think this controller is compatible with RTD Explorer. Get that here:

RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal |

Then, set it to 8 data bits, No parity bit, and 1 stop bit. Also, 19.2kbps. It will display the text from the controller's serial output. Then you can see what fault is happening. It probably is the hardware overcurrent. If the small blue pot is already twisted fully clockwise, then we probably need to tune the PI loop. It is likely overshooting right now if the blue pot is fully clockwise already.

What voltage are you running?

We can also clear the hardware overcurrent at like 1kHz or something, but it shouldn't be tripping at all. Fully clockwise is 1800 motor amps for hardware overcurrent.
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