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Hit ~7500 miles since my last oil change. I was thinking of stretching it to 10k, but it wasn't too cold today and I'd rather not do it in the middle of winter. It's nice to get almost 2 oil changes out of a 5qt of oil.

A few months ago I ordered a Fumoto oil drain valve, model F106N. The oil pan in the Insight is made of magnesium, is notoriously easy to strip, and rather expensive to replace, so some over on InsightCentral have opted for these valves.

There's a spacer over the drain hole, held in place with a single 8mm bolt. It has a rubber o-ring behind it, presumably to help prevent stripping the threads by allowing the o-ring to compress. The drain bolt is longer than the threads on the valve so I first tried taking off the spacer before putting the fumoto valve on. The valve bottomed out against something before going in all the way, so I put the spacer back on. When tightening the 8mm bolt I accidentally stripped it, which put the fear of God in me about overtightening on this magnesium pan. I wasn't even using a socket wrench, just hand tightening with a screwdriver with a socket end.

I sure as hell wouldn't let anyone but the dealership do a change on this car.

Luckily, I found I would've needed to remove the bolt anyway because the valve wouldn't clear it when screwing it in. The valve compresses the spacer/o-ring and is leak free.

It looks like the valve will fit 3/8" ID tubing, which would allow for oil changes without even removing the plastic panel. I'll pick some up next time I'm in Walmart.
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