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Originally Posted by Dieseltim
Sorry to see this GREAT Idea end up like so many others from history, but looks like another great invention was realized and once the patent was secured, no one ever hears from the inventor again. So many ideas have been bought up or hushed by money or other accidents.

... With a patent having been issued anyone else here is pretty much unable to take this to production without risking a lawsuit. I guess the best we can do is try to make our own.

Anyone have a mold for a full size 94-02 Dodge 8ft bed?
With patents the game is circumvention. As an example look at the history of electrical radio. Tesla took the foundational patents. Marconi found a way around them. Alexanderson found a way around Marconi's. Then deForest invented the triode tube and electronic radio swept electrical radio into the dust bin of history. Have you ever even heard of Alexanderson?

So look at the patent. Rolled and riveted sheet metal instead of laborously produced molds and toxic chemicals might be enough for circumvention.

R. B. Fuller was famous for the comprehensive language in his patents.
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