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Corolla Wagons

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Here is a rare one, an older Corolla wagon! I don't think I've ever actually seen one of these on the road. It also misses the 35 mpg highway mark by a little.

EPA: 23 / 26 / 31

1994 Toyota Corolla Wagon - $1200
Are these old wagons in great demand? My friend's got an even older one, the model before this gen, last one with a carburetor, & automatic, free rust too. Torque converter locks up just before 60km/h & would get around 36mpg (imperial/canadian mpg) in the summer, higher on highway, still around 32-33mpg in the snowy winter. Big enough to fit a single materess or a full size fridge (crazy room for a small car, even if a little sticks out the back door)
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