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EMAIL friends results to PROVE hypermiling works

Hey everyone, I was bored at work so what I decided to do was look at my fuel log and calculate solid results to prove to my friends (esp the ones that laugh at my hypermiling ways) that hypermiling works (think as the average person: $$$)

so i wrote up an email that tells them what they want to hear, gallons burned, money saved $$$:


Sorry guys, but I love "thinking out loud" / doing math problems -- so the two combined means doing math in front of your face. Read on if you're interested, ignore this if you're not. No biggie.

>>> Just want to prove what hypermiling can do...

The average price of gas that I've purchased between 6/6/08 (first hypermiling tank) and 7/15/08 (most recent fill-up) is $4.569 / gallon.

Between 6/6/08 and 7/15/08 I traveled 3041.7 miles (that's a lot!)

IF I DROVE THE WAY I USED TO, I would average about 25 miles per gallon (mpg)
--> 3041.7 miles / 25 mpg = 121.668 gallons of fuel burned (Al Gore would be mad at me)

121.668 gallons * $4.569 / gallon (average price) = *** $555.90 on gas *** between 6/6/08 and 7/15/08 <theoretical>

///// however, here's my ACTUAL results (from hypermiling):

Between 6/6/08 and 7/15/08 I actually burned up 88.745 gallons of fuel (more green and environmentally friendly!!!)

And the total amount I spent on gasoline purchase was (still a lot) >>> *** $404.97 on gas *** between 6/6/08 and 7/15/08 <actual>

So not only did I save fuel (eco-friendly) I also saved money (wallet friendly)….

//$$$// …. a total savings of $150.93 …. //$$$//

A full tank for me costs about $50… which means that could already buy me THREE MORE FULL TANKS OF GAS!!

Don’t get me wrong.. I'm NOT showing off… Just want you guys to think about it… hypermiling works :-)

if anyone is interested, I could forward you some sites (i go to and some tips of my own. All it takes is a little change of habits and some will-power. No modifying your car, your fuel -- only modifying the way you think, the way you drive.

*** P.S. I've also been seeing a lot of cops around shooting their Radar guns on the freeway… luckily everytime they aimed it at me I just so happened to be going about 55-65 mph… haha (so there are other benefits of driving slow as well)


just a thought you know, if you really want to get people to do it, maybe instead of speaking in terms of MPG, you need to speak in terms of money $. i've already gotten a few positive responses.

let me know if this works for yall!!

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