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Originally Posted by mush3gan View Post
i've been seeing a lot more police on the I-5 with parked motorcycles holding their radar guns

police need to give more tickets... speeding tickets slow people down
you do realize police are out there to give tickets not so much to slow people down as to collect revenue for the government? it doesnt matter whether you pay the ticket or beat it in court... the moment you get a ticket for anything the government is going to get money out of you. matter of fact it is in the better interest of revenue generation that you *do* beat the ticket or go to traffic school to avoid the points, hence why the government has not gone to the extent of mandating that all vehicles capable of speeds in excess of x mph be banned from public roads, with severe fines imposed for those who modify vehicles to circumvent such restrictions on performance.

trust me... the rush of speed feels so good (i tend to forget this as a hypermiler now, because my rush comes from MPG) people drive fast because they think they have to (they dont understand aggressive driving doesn't actually save much more time) and because they feel like it...
there is a vast difference between fast driving and aggressive driving. please do not unjustly equate the two. if they were the same, then roads like the autobahn would have much higher rates of serious accidents than the US interstate system, when in actuality the high-speed 'bahn is safer. it does not hurt that other nations with high speed roads like the 'bahn actually impose different speed limits for different classes of vehicle, impose tighter rules regarding what vehicles are permitted to do on the road (ie driver conduct) and generally train their 'average' driver to the same level as your typical american police officer - minus the combat parts of the curriculum of course.

being a former speeder i would say that it's difficult for any person to really TELL YOU to slow down.. you have to learn for yourself. either by punishment or by inspiration (like learning about HM and actually BEING INTERESTED)
well.. my own goal is to be able to go as fast as allowed by law (more if possible or necessary) and still get double my current mpg. to each their own i suppose.
I take offense to the saying 'it isnt rocket science' to describe the relative difficulty of a given endeavour. Rocket Science is NOT hard... just EXPENSIVE
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