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A bit harsh Blue, but I can't really disagree either. My folks did fine raising me and my sis in econoboxes and sedans... of course, my dad got mileage like an SUV but that was as close as we ever got to one.

But Mech is right -- now is probably the best time to get an SUV from some dealer desperate to offload them (so they can bring in next years SUV... which will then sit on the lot). I wouldn't but I can see some people going for it. Not all SUV's are hazards on the road but the amont of fuel they consume doesn't make sense to me unless people really believe gas will drop to pre-Bush Jr levels?

I wouldn't take that bet.


My 5 pillars of fuel efficiency:
  • driving style
  • aerodynamics
  • tires
  • weight reduction
  • engine maintenance
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