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AzxA - '06 Scion xA
90 day: 42.72 mpg (US)
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Car mfgr: Toyota/Scion
Car model/body style: xA hatchback
Year: 2006
Engine size (displacement/cyl): 1.5L 4cyl
Transmission type (auto/manual): automatic

MPG info (averages only)

MPG before hypermiling: 33
MPG currently achieved: 38 no SGII; 41 with SGII

Location of primary driving (country/state): California, USA
Miles driven per year: 12,000
List all tools/techniques used to achieve current MPG:
- slow down more
- get to max gear sooner and find "sweet spot" quicker; fuel-cut when possible
- neutral-on coasting
- no A/C
- avoid highways if possbile
- reverse into driveway
- park in pull-outs or pull-throughs
- use Scangauge
- blocked decorative divots
- partial grill blocks
- removed antenna
- pumped tires up to 40psi

EDIT: updated with SGII tank MPG after calibration. I'm usine NICE-ON more now and it compensates for some of those pesky stoplights.

My 5 pillars of fuel efficiency:
  • driving style
  • aerodynamics
  • tires
  • weight reduction
  • engine maintenance

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