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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post

palmer_md -- I mentioned the GEVCU as an alternative. It stands for General Electric Vehicle Control Unit. I haven't looked at it that closely. Those folk have a lot of interesting pieces—they're working on a CANBus sniffer; and have EVIC (Electric Vehicle Interface Controller), a 5x7" touchscreen that talks to CANBus.

Do you know any other candidate controller/inverter?

What I want out of a LEAF is the 3.3kW Lear charger.
Yes, I understand what GEVCU is since I have one. It is just a microprocessor with some 12v i/o and two canbus ports. It can be used to control just about anything on a car, but it is not a controller. It can be used to give canbus commands to a controller. The one it is most often associated with is the Azure Dynamics controller that was in the eTransitConnect. It can also be used with the UQM powerphase controller that was in the Coda EV, and with the ScottDrive controller. All of these can be found at EVTV and EVWest. The UQM unit from the Coda with the eGearDrive gearbox might be a good solution for CarBEN. They are a much narrower setup than the Azure system. The Scott Drive can be matched to either motor, but is less proven. It if were me I'd be looking at the UQM motor and controller with the eGeardrive gearbox and use the GEVCU to provide canbus commands. It is a system that has been proven to work for the DIY community. Well the drivetrain is exactly what was in the Coda, except we replace their proprietary VCU with the GEVCU.

Leaf does not have a Lear charger, it is from Nichicon. It has been hacked but not ported to the GEVCU yet, but the Lear charger that is from the Volt has been hacked and ported to the GEVCU. The Lear charger from the Coda is the same hardware but has a different CANbus structure and it is currently getting hacked and will soon be ported to GEVCU.
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