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Originally Posted by palmer_md
Yes, I understand what GEVCU is since I have one.
Cool. In use, or on a shelf?

I've been reading between the lines on the EVTV episodes, trying to figure out what they're on about. The latest episode is up and they said something that suggested equivalence between the GEVCU, the JLD 404/505 and the EVIC. I've been avoiding their store because I'd probably be bummed out by the prices.

Leaf does not have a Lear charger, it is from Nichicon.
You are correct of course: the Coda used two Lear chargers, right? This is a whole new knowledge base for me. 36hp VW stuff doesn't translate over.

Does the Borg-Warner eGearDrive have a differential?
It appears to me to be equivalent to the Toyo MGR minus the motor, plus [some] choice of gear ratio. Price is in the vicinity of $1800. The MGR is available on eBay for ~$2300 new.
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