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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Okay Balto, mine's in! I followed your instructions exactly, other than I went in through the front firewall (with a small rubber grommet) ilo around the door frame..

Everything seems to be working correctly, other than it looks like I can't just throw it in neutral and EOC, I have to keep my foot on the clutch the whole time, or it wants to re-start. Of course, it can't re-start so it does a series of start-stop-start-stop, unless my foot is on the clutch.

Anybody else's doing that? I'm sure it's the FAS system trying to re-start it. One thing I didn't try was hitting my regen button, wish I would have tried that. It might fobol the system into thinking I have my foot on the brake.

Thanks for the good write-up Balto. I didn't even need to call you, I just followed your instructions, so I know they were pretty well-written!
Nice! Yea you have to hold the clutch, or it will continously keep trying to restart. However, if you push the brake it won't restart either. At least it doesn't on mine.

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