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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Ya, because we are talking battery amps. Quick off the line acceleration doesn't need high battery amps. Just once the spinning gets really fast do the battery amps go up.
That reminds me, your DC controller with all them diodes is basically a buck converter using the motor as inductor.

hobbit once mentioned that the prius inverter can also boost "Motor windings can be a boost converter Argonne/Oakridge *missed* that very important fact "

which lead to this post

Now, I don't fully get induction motors, or pretend to fully get any of 'em. But do you think that simply increasing slip angle is effectively the same as boosting the voltage? Trade with efficiency, don't fall off the torque edge?

Or is there some way to fancy switch the inverter into having the motor self-boost (pwm the lower legs when the high side is off)?

edit, the slip thing doesn't look like it adds up,

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