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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
from the link, "The stopped induction motor acts like a transformer shorted on the secondary side."

ok, that sounds like something of a deal killer for motor as battery charger or random inductor
As a random inductor/battery charger, no current is being generated on the rotor. Its just sitting there, probably adding some more magnetic material. the real killer are the higher copper resistance (mine is 2.1Ohm P-P) and the magnetic losses.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
... but also kinda explains why a higher resistance rotor makes more torque off the line.
Almost. It doesn't necessarily produce more torque, but it does the same amount of torque with less current from the primary, requiring a larger slip. They are particularly suited for motors that have to be started across the line with heavy loads as the current draw and power factor are quite good, but have poor speed regulation.
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