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Originally Posted by Doofus McFancypants View Post
Good idea -
One comment though - with all the bad press on Hypermileing - I would add a section outlining the techniques you are using and the ones we are completely against -
Somthing like...

"Despite the bad press about some radical techniques which are both illegal and plain dangerous (Tailgating and running stop signs / lights) there are several basic, common sence items which are nether dangerous nor illegal - and in some cases actual bring the driver back into the Legal world - expesially slowing down to the speedlimit"

Might help head off the Lemming reaction to say the Hypermilers are Dangerous becuase some one saw some report about tailgating and assume your numbers are based on Dangerous techniques.

I may do something like this as well ( i work with a bunch of engineers - they love data)

I do all that bad stuff, but in my proselytizing for hypermiling, I don't mention it. Most people to whom I mention hypermiling say "oh yeah, so and so has told me about you. He won't ride with you because it takes forever to get anywhere."

I even point out that it's the equivalent of getting every fourth tank full free for those who drive "crazy fast" (many still do). They'll say "yeah, that's very interesting but I could never do it. I don't know how I'm going to make my house payment, put food on the table, and gas in my car, but I could never do that."


As a side note, I drive 55 m.p.h., and I calculated an estimate of how fast a truck would have to be going for the excess fuel burned at his speed overcame the savings from drafting him (sorry for the non-gender free pronouns). I concluded it's about 59 m.p.h., so I rarely get the chance to draft since about 98.7% (made-up statistic) of the trucks I see are going in excess of 59 m.p.h.
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