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A quick note to InnovativeWindTunnelGuy:

If you're an actual wind tunnel guy, I think you'll appreciate that we prefer testing and documented results over rhetoric and anecdotes.

The "inventor" claims double and even triple the usual fuel mileage for vehicles using his device, and that it works better at higher speeds. If you spend much time here you'll see that that flies in the face of our usual philosophies. Doubling one's usual fuel mileage is the holy grail, tripling is the essence of the Unicorn Hunt. To date I can only imagine one guy could claim having done that: Diesel Dave in the White Whale, and his posted average speeds are the epitome of "modest."

The "inventor" uses a lot of gobblydegook to talk about his creation. Many of the terms make no sense whatsoever, even if you assume they are sort-of contextually appropriate. For further exploration of this concept see:

But don't let us dissuade you. We're all about testing, here. Test, document, test again. Test with and test without. Eliminate as many other variables as humanly possible.

And then tell us what you've learned. It would be quite something to discover if there were an actual unicorn, and that it was useful.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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