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Thanks for your help!

I think I'm starting to get it. So the "islands" represent the best BSFC in relation to the list you just gave (e.g. 1400 RPM = 260 BSFC). The red island represents the lowest fuel consumption for greatest power produced (as a ratio?). So in your list 1800 rpm would be the red island, 2500 RPM would be the yellow area, 1400 RPM would be the green area, and 4000 RPM would be way out in the blue or violet (if you were to compare those numbers to the AutoSpeed graph).

This kind of makes me want to incorporate a BSFC computer into the car which tracks RPM and torque and a little light(s) can change colors based on how close you are to optimal BSFC [say green for best BSFC (or in the "island"), yellow for second best, orange for OK, red for worst].
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