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Bike weight

In cycling circles it is well known that to reduce weight, the most cost effective is to reduce rider mass. If you are already in the low end of the BMI, well done, then you can start to lighten the bike (IMHO). I used the following order as I wanted to keep the frame.
1. Remove any unnecessary equipment (wide to narrow tyres, racks, heavy repair kit)
2. Lighter versions of big things that spin (wheels, cranks)
3. Lighter versions of little things that spin (hubs, chainrings, clusters, pedals, shoes)

I ride an M5 Shockproof CroMoly 15kg or 33 pounds. It is very comfortable and aerodynamic. I usually ride with other guys on 8 to 12 kg standard frame bikes and can keep up quite well. They are faster up the hills as they are lighter and their bikes are lighter. My total rider bike weight is 100kg. My buddies come in around 80kg.
My current average speed over all terrain is 27kmh (17mph) and is getting better for two reasons. I am losing body weight and I am getting fitter. I also use the rolling momentum down the hill to assist going up the next one as much as possible. Hope this helps. Brad
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