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Originally Posted by MechEngVT View Post
Any idea if a similar kill switch could be installed just to shut down your fuel injectors? I was thinking that it would primarily make EOCing in a stick shift vehicle much easier because you wouldn't have to operate the ignition switch all the time, just turn the fuel off and back on to enable clutch-starting. I just wonder if it can be done without tripping MILs...
I was just thinking about that today. Like a momentary switch nearby that you could use to cut fuel without waiting for the ECM to do it. Maybe use the switch to send power to a relay. Normally closed would connect the ECM to the fuel injectors as normal. Normally open would bypass the fuel injectors and substitute the appropriate resistor to mimic the injectors so hopefully it thinks the injectors are connected and wont throw a code.

Something else I was thinking about was if the fuel was cut manually, if you opened the throttle it might suck air through the engine easier and get you farther down the road without fuel.

On topic of the kill switch, I think the best idea is the wackiest thing you can come up with. Anything off the shelf, the thief will be more familiar with than you will. Maybe even something like a hidden fuel pump cutoff, so it looks normal when they break into the ignition switch, but when they go to start the car it cranks but wont run, and after awhile they will probably just think its a piece of junk and move on.

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