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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
1st gen Civic hybrids also had manual (and lean burn). 1st gen Insights 00-07 were the only ones with manual trans. 2nd gens are all CVT.
Thanks a million! I think this might be exactly what I was looking for. Any chance you could tell me what years the G1 Civic hybrid ran?

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
That being said, I have to agree with Neil. Driving a Prius or EV is not a lazy affair if you're trying to get good FE. However, you can still set the cruise and get great mileage too.
I must say that I agree with you here entirely. My short experience with driving the '05 Prius led me to believe that I could definitely be in tune with such a vehicle, as I would definitely be trying to max out my FE, but I don't think I could ever feel the same "in-tuneness," for lack of a better word, that I feel when shifting gears.
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