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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I was charged $400 just to swap the engine in my crx hf for another crx hf engine, when I went in to ask for a price on the swap my mecanic asked if it was an engine for that make and model because if it wasn't the price was going to be many times more, and that was just for the engine, no computer, wiring, sourcing of parts, I've also had people tell me that they would buy my civic vx for as much as $5,000 if I wanted to sell it, so $6000 for a 50+mpg del sol doesn't seem that bad, and if you don't like the price, as you said, you can build one your self, or are you not up for that?
Mechanics can be rip-off artists too IME. As for using a del sol I don't think it'd be worthwhile since it's one of the fattest little car I've ever seen. A 5th or maybe 6th gen four door weighs about the same but provides more space w/ lower aero drag. Toss in a CX/VX trans and it should get similar highway and maybe slightly less in the city for a lot less cash, even if ya end up paying someone to swap transmissions and drop a new clutch in there. In terms of market value, diesel rabbits are crazy high, but that doesn't mean I think it would be fair to get a few grand for something I've put a few hundred into.
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