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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
You know you're an ecomodder when the sound of all of your neighbors engines running in the morning without a single vehicle moving anywhere makes you want to go all terminator on their $%^&* vehicles.

They need to be toilet trained.

my roommate got a 2012 chevy cruze Eco and two things irk me.
#1 It has a remote start and she'll open the garage and start the car and finish getting ready for work and it'll take 5+ minutes every time
#2 She took off the factory air dam because it "hits the curb" when she's driving and "flexes the bumper and is worried the bumper will break"

One of the technicians at her dealership asked her how many mpgs avg the car has dropped and she said 2mpg but she even said she doesn't care.

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