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I grew up in lower-middle class suburbia. We recycled before there was a municipal recycling program; it was tough to find places to take stuff. We had a garden and compost heap forever on our 1/4 (1/8?) acre plot of space. My mother reuses everything from plastic baggies to aluminum foil. She has cardboard boxes older than I am.

It just started to make sense to me about "why" we did all this a few years ago in school when I actually paid attention to the world around me. I loved the fact that my first project at my first job out of college was to replace reams of paper wasted every day with a digital interface.

It doesn't make sense to base your economy on a limited resource that gets utilized in an environmentally damaging way. Until I can get/make myself an electric vehicle charged by solar panels on my roof, I'll do everything I can to reduce my impact.

It helps that I'm a "doer." If I find at any time that I don't have anything to do, I feel lost and jump right into something/anything just to be doing. I ran into a rough patch a couple years ago where I had a whole lot of nothing to do and I very nearly failed at life then. I need to do, and this here is a very helpful doing.
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