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There's a lot about this car that's new and never before tried. I am trying for excellent handling, even though the car's owner will never do any competition of any sort, at any time. The owner is a widow in her late 60s, doesn't really enjoy cornering, and is no risk of high rpm clutch dump launches nor powershifting. If she can break it, then lesson learned.
Because of your post, I will add some sort of rotation limiter in case the casting fails. I think that's a great new challenge, thanks!
I did design the third link bracket atop the diff to be attachable if I end up needing to fabricate a thicker steel diff cover, whether for this, or for the Watt's link. Or both.
I haven't even tried it yet, and already I can't stop wondering about bolting the Watt's to the cast aluminum cover I just ordered yesterday. The idea is proven, but it is mostly the Ford 8.8-inch, and some of those covers are cast specifically for Watt's mounting, instead of or in addition to preloading the carrier caps, depending on brand.
What I'm trying now forces the rear roll center to be at the same height as the exact center of the axle assembly. Fabricating a thicker steel cover would let me move it down at least 3 inches.
But I gotta start somewhere, right?
I seriously considered a single through bolt for that top bracket. I decided I didn't dare try it.
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