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Ordered a Summit radiator, 2 row, 2.5" thick, 19" x 27". It's all I think I can fit, and probably overkill. Now to mount it and adapt the hoses.
Also trying to splice the GM single-outlet p/s hose to Mazda's dual-inlet p/s rack. I'm using a y-block, all -6 AN, with 2 different adapter fittings, and 3 identical 13-inch lengths of PTFE-lined braided stainless steel hose.
For anyone who may ever try this with any GM engine that uses a metric pump, and an FC steering rack, you need a -6 AN / 16 mm x 1.5 o-ring style male adapter, for the GM pump, and a pair of -6 AN / 16 mm x 1.5 inverted flare style male adapters, for the Mazda rack. I used a Fragola brand 491963, and 2 Fragola 460616s. I'll report back if I ordered anything that proves to not work. So if you try to copy this part, keep reading to see if I later correct myself.
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