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^^ Yes sir! That is awesome. Love the shark-tooth design there also

I've thought about adding something similar, but it doesn't follow the projects "JDM" theme very well. A key goal from the beginning was that the car can live somewhat inbetween two worlds: In the Honda tuning scene, but yet also contain many techniques/mods that are very specific (only) to the EcoTuning crowd. I'm hoping to pull some Honda heads over to EcoModding with this project.

The reason that the mods I have for the fenders work well in the Honda tuning scene is that there are a few companies already making fenders that incorporate the cut-out design. Originally, companies like Jays Racing and Spoon Sports began making true and aggressively designed cut-out fenders for the S2000. This arrived about 5 years back, and while not completely warmly welcomed at first, they are really catching some heat now with the JDM scene, as tuners realize the true aero benefits to them. Recently, Charge Speed fenders have also become popular with a few other Honda chassis owners (EG, DC5, EK). These fenders are somewhat similar looking to what we may have seen in the "ricer" era, but they are actually functional and track tested. Not my flavor exactly, but cool nonetheless.

So, I believe it's a good time to for me to try and complete this mod. The mod should be well-received at Honda Day IF I can pull it off.

I THOUGHT my work truck was arriving at the beginning of this week, allowing me the luxury of leaving the VX at the house. However, it now looks like it won't come until this coming Friday, and the company is unable to provide me with a rental. So, driving the VX without any fenders + bumper for a few days may be on the horizon
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