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Originally Posted by niky View Post
I'd check to see what gear oil Honda Indonesia is using in the Brio.

We get the 1.3, which uses the same five speed auto as the Fit... not a great transmission for economy. I don't know what auto you get with your engine choices.
Hi Niky, we have the same 5 speed auto, Honda just slowly reintroducing the CVT back to its lineup after the whole mess (90% failure rate) of first gen Jazz CVT. I prefer the CVT myself but since I'm one of the victim of failed CVT pack of the first gen Jazz, kind of scary driving a CVT again.

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr
BTW I like the way your country deals with drug smugglers
I hope you're being sarcastic, as it's a very debated topic here. I for one opposed it. When a foreigner got executed but a local drug boss got caught, got preferential treatment, can still control drug making operation behind bars, got caught again and still live is beyond me. If the system isn't so corrupt I might agreed with death sentence, but when money is still above law (and God for the religious), justice is the one who got murdered.

Originally Posted by deejaaa
i've only seen it in shows. can you take some video?
You want to see a 16 Kilometer 2 hours crawl? Traffic isn't bad, for my part of the world it's more of stunted infrastructure growth than crazy driving antics. Sure there are bikers careening left and right and disregarding stop lights, but main culprit is overburdened roads and corrupt policemen... Almost zero citation since you can skip traffic violations with as little as US$0.4 for bikers and US$2 for car drivers.
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