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Originally Posted by nemobuscaptain View Post
Thanks for the responses, folks. Is there a place where I can find acronyms like ABA or DFCO? (I found the latter.) Some of this is confusing.

I like the idea of a Scanguage/Ultragauge. It can be moved to any odb2 vehicle right? I wouldn't mind spending it.

Yes, I have it on the "backline" so to speak. I have a work vehicle which bears most of my driving. The Pilot doesn't move much right now, as I said.

I was going to sell the Pilot, but figured out the value has fallen precipitously... at about the same time that our 4 cyl Honda was wrecked. That car was actually doing the lion's share of the commuting and the winter work. The wreck brought tears to my eyes because it was capable of going many many years.

My wife has a new Sienna. (Wife's choice, couldn't get her in a Mazda 5 manual or 4 cyl Mitsu that I wanted. The Pilot was hers also fwiw.) I want to keep the miles off the Sienna but it does get better mpg than the Pilot. The Sienna moves a lot, like 25k. Some of that is long distance trips to visit family, some of it is around town.

If I could get the Pilot to get better MPG, it could fill that role winter/around town role while I squeeze more miles out of it. Maybe I could also entice my wife into an interest in hypermiling even if it's just the "beginner" level stuff. She would never EOC or do other "advanced" stuff.

As for how much life it has, I don't know. However, I know that two of the people who drove to see my Pilot when it was for sale were driving Pilots themselves. One had close to 300k and one had over 300. I take pretty good care of my cars and regularly take them to 180-200k before I sell them. So, I don't mind putting tires on the truck. I also prefer to sell them in good shape also. It's a conscience thing with me. Vehicles that are maintained better don't go to junkyards. That's an eco thing too, in my mind. It takes a lot of new oil, plastic, metal, and paint/solvents to make a new car.

Also, the for sale sign is still in the Pilot. I just saw a sweet little Echo that my wife thought was cute. That is a huge step for her. She hasn't had a small car since we had a Del Sol. That would obviously be the best move if I could get rid of the Pilot, but it hasn't sold in six months.

So, as for tires, do you think narrower all seasons (215/75/16) would do better MPG wise than slightly wider LRRs (235/70/16). Edit: I'm also seeing some LRR 215/70/16, 225/70/16 and 225/75/16. This first two are smaller. LRR vs. narrow vs taller/smaller? What is the order of importance?
Here is the Ecomodder Glossary. All of our acronyms are located within this place of wonder

Yes, a ScanGauge and UltraGauge can be moved to any vehicle that is OBD2

Would your wife consider letting you mod the Sienna? Some hidden aero mods could give a few more miles to the gallon and not look awkward

GO for that Echo if possible. They are good little cars from what I have seen other members post about them. One is getting close to 70 mpg but he is pretty advanced. 40 is likely with driving technique alone.

If you are wanting a tire with good snow traction that will perform on the unserviced roads and is LRR, how about a 215/85R16 Michelin? Granted, they are pricey and can last 100,000 if well maintained. A 235/75R16 LRR would drop your rpms at a given speed, which usually translates to better economy.

Remember, thank a fellow EM'er for a helpful post!!!
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