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Test: 200w electric bicycle efficiency = 1512 MPG equivalent

The best efficiency I've been able to squeeze from the ForkenSwift so far this winter is 107.7 equivalent MPG (US), or 311.5 Watt hours / mile if you speak EV.

bennelson says an efficient run on his electric Kawasaki motorcycle is 15 miles and about 1 kWh to recharge. That works out to 67 Wh/mi, or 503 eMPG, by my formula.

I've been wondering how an electric bicycle compares to these. So I went for an 8.7 km spin on the 200 Watt electric Schwinn. No pedalling. Top speed seen was about 28 km/h (17 mph) - but it's more like 22 km/h (14 mph) on the level.

It's recharging now. I'll post back later with the results.

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