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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
For a moment there, I thought you left the front wheels un-covered ( that first pic you posted )

Congratulations !

So what has been done about the rear of the car - mainly the edges of the boot/trunk ?
Stock, that car has a very rounded rear*
Did you get around to installing a trip strip or a small spoiler ?

Also, was the front air dam installed at the time of the test ?

( *Where else but EM can you talk about 'rounded rears' with a straight face ! )
Bahahaha!!! Only at Ecomodder could we talk about these things that would make old ladies faint if they walked in at the wrong time

Uhhhhhh..... That is because they were uncovered I did not like the small gap in between the cover and the wheel as the covers cannot lay flat against these wheels. So I left them off. In order to avoid any further ridicule, they will be going back on today

I have done nothing to the rear, sadly. I have not had the time since I have been trying to figure out front wheel skirts. I am wanting to install a Kammback and sharpen the edges of the bumper to promote cleaner separation. I am going to try a trip strip on the A-pillars soon and see what that is all about. Eddie25 posted something about one recently and said something happened, I can't remember.

And the air dam was not installed either! I tested the car with it looking like this:

The rear hatch was down BTW

Remember, thank a fellow EM'er for a helpful post!!!
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