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Originally Posted by kir_kenix View Post
I would think so. I didn't use any secret squirrel back channel to check. You, or anybody else for that matter, could call base housing (assumption based on rank and moving for a promotion etc) and they would tell if that person existed/lived there or not. They wouldn't provide personal identifying information (or actual physical address, job title, rank, flight assigned to, etc, etc) and I wouldn't/couldn't have accessed it either. This is how a cell phone company or creditor would verify residency if you had an out of state licence. Pretty common deal for service men and women who bounce around the country. If he were real, this is how Verizon or Sprint would verify his residency to set up his cell phone contract when he moves to Alaska.

I was actually hoping he was real, despite all the red flags, just so I could hook an ecomodder up and help some airman sell his car.
So I (living in Scotland and not even a US person - did you notice that ?) could call and ask if (for example) "Wayne Smith" lives at such and such base?

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