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Originally Posted by dirtydave View Post
If he can get 11MPG for an entire year he will make enough for a versa.
now if he can leave the engine off when hes trying to sleep when its 0*F or 100*F thats the real problem with big truck MPG.
My rig has Freightliner's ParkSmart system...basically a battery operated HVAC unit. It's imperfect but does cut idle time and with the added bonus of warming the coolant when the heater is in use.

Fully loaded, I'm lucky to see 8mpg. Toss in any topography and 4-5mpg for some segments will be a given. Empty it's around 9.5-10mpg. Bobtailing, 12-14mpg. On my current load I got 9.2 with a light 12k load in the back over nearly 700 miles.

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