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Originally Posted by a8ksh4 View Post
That's pretty slick, but a bit steep at $100k.

Keeping in mind that this is all a thought experiment until there's actually a car chopped in half... stiffer springs should help w/ the weight. And it looks like DIY turbo setups can be done for a little more than $1k if one knows how to weld the tubes and whatnot. Bumping up to 100Hp would certainly help w/ the hill climbing and freeway merging, since it sounds like power's a concern w/ these cars. I think it's totally do-able. Soon as I move out of this apartment to a proper house with garage. rotfl.
A leaf with front end damage + a leaf with rear end damage = $10k or less depending on how much you value the leftovers

Could even have 2 batteries if the rear ender wasn't hit too hard.
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