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I still have my 1987 Toyota Pickup (Hilux throughout the rest of the world, marketed simply as "Truck" in the States), carbureted and absolutely bottom-spec everything except 5-speed. It didn't even come with a radio.

It is vanishingly small against even current "compact" trucks, though it is more than sufficient for everything I do. And I haven been able to hypermile it to nearly 40mpg on occasion, so though it isn't as thrifty as I might ask for, it's pretty good.

That said, it can't last forever and something like the Bantam or the suggested Montana (AKA Tornado), neither of which are available in the States, would do me very well. I was watching the proposed entry of Mahindra into the US market with their Ranger-sized offering with interest, but that fell through.

I've also seen converted Jeep Wranglers with modest pickup beds. That, with the AMC 150 engine, would make for a nice ersatz Comanche replacement, though it would doubtlessly deliver lousy fuel mileage.

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