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Hey Arklan,


Get down to a lower angle when you take your side photo of the car - and back up. Use a telelphoto setting on your camera or zoom in, line yourself up with about the middle of the car's length and have the camera's lens level with the roof of the car. You want as undistorted an image as possible.

Then you can take that photo and superimpose the template onto it and see how much you need to raise the hatch. I think the hatch with an added section of bodywork under it to fill the gap is a good way to go. It makes use of mostly materials that are already on the car. Can't fault that.

Cowmeat's suggestion of a grille block and fender skirts are spot on. That little car has no power to spare, I'm sure. Doing anything to reduce the load on it when cruising is going to pay dividends.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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