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For the money you might be happiest with Torque as it is a lot cheaper than an SG and is extremely portable. Given the choice I would prefer the SG but I'm not sure why.

Wyoming gets pretty hot in the summer, if there isn't any tinting on your windows you might want to consider that to reduce your reliance on AC until the baby is born. And you'll almost certainly want it when the baby comes, regardless.

There's all manner of subtle aero to be done as other posters have already pointed out, so you can reap some benefits while retaining the Jetta's good looks.

I'm certain you've already figured this out but off in freewheeling Wyoming it bears repeating, slowing down pays the biggest dividends. It costs you nothing but a little extra time (a very little, easily overlooked few minutes per hundred miles, really) and in my experience I generally arrive happier, at nearly the same time as my fellow travelers who all hurried and hustled to the next stop light, and making up the time with avoided fuel stops.

Good luck with it.

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