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Is Kelley Blue Book realistic?

When I bought my Civic, KBB said that my Forester was worth $2,500. Less than two years later, it is saying $1,681. Seventeen percent depreciation a year on a new car seems steep. Before I joined the Army, I paid $2,500-3,400 for my cars, each was around thirteen years old, and around Blue Book. Bacon is in better shape than some of those were, but when I came home from Germany, used cars were selling for much more than before I shipped out.

Apparently, Cash for Clunkers influenced that, but also, I expect most people to ask more than they actually want, to allow room to negotiate down, but I doubt that anyone would plan on negotiating down a full third.

I tried to look into it and people seemed to think that individuals trying to sell cars grossly overestimated what their cars were worth--most of these comments were insulting, calling them greedy, dishonest, and stupid.

Whenever I look for first- and second-generation Foresters, people always ask $3,500+, for cars with more miles.

My car has been up for a week and I expected to have a couple people offer well under Blue Book every day. I had the one guy ask why I did my own repairs and another said that he would not offer me much more than KBB estimated.

So, maybe all Forester owners, and everyone else is wrong, and our vehicles are worth half what we think they are. I do not know about anyone else's vehicle, but mine works perfectly, although if the the car needed a medium-sized repair, somewhere between the new half-shaft and replacing the head gasket, it might not be worth fixing.

One comment that I liked was 'I'm not selling this car to KBB"

By the way:
NADA Trade-in $1,800
Edmunds $2,464
VMR $2,500 (Consumer Reports recommended consulting them)

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