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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
What is the Cd of a brick again?
I tried looking that up yesterday because the same question popped into my head. I didn't come up with much, but this morning I looked at this page.

A brick is not listed, but a cube is, and a long cylinder is.

I'm going to guess somewhere near 1.0 is the Cd of a brick.

EDIT: Found some other stuff, not so sold on some of it's accuracy.

The drag coefficient of a brick is typically 2.1. The drag coefficient of an upright person is anywhere between 1.0 and 1.3.
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I remember posting information on "Blunt Bodies" in the forum a few years ago, some of them with close proximity to the ground.

EDIT-2: FYI - I think bricks are called square cylinders.

Got that from here:

And got that from the thread I remembered:


Long Prism (face): Calculates the shape coefficients of a long rectangular beam with the fluid flowing at right-angles to the axis of the beam against a flat face
There ya go, just over 1.0 as projected/assumed earlier.

I should note that proximity to the ground is a pretty big factor not to be ignored.
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