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Originally Posted by KJSatz View Post
How much digging around in my car's innards would be needed to get the leads I need to access for this project? Is there splicing of wires involved? How is my warranty affected?

I am interested in this being compact so it can maybe fit in this random storage place near the driver door at about 8 o'clock off the steering wheel. Would these smaller duinos work (is the second one even a real duino?)?
I don't know about the Arduino Mini Board (I am sure you can get it to work, I just haven't seen schematics on it). The real driver on the thing is going to be the size of the LCD display, and the iDuino is only 0.7 inches wide, so it will EASILY hide behind the LCD. I will be putting together mine when I get the parts (already ordered). I have been looking into the schematics on my car, and it looks like I shouldn't have to splice any wires, I am going to be plugging into them as recommended in my service manual, through the exterior wire ports on the cables that connect to my ECM. That way, no splicing wires, and for those of you with an existing warranty, you can easily remove the evidence if you have the need. I will be posting up lots and lots of pictures of my project, along with lots of links to Fundamental Logic pages where you can buy different components that will save you some money if you do go the iDuino route. Another advantage of going with the iDuino over the Arduino Mini Board would be that it doesn't cost $37. I think that would be about comparable to the DuinoStamp by Fundamental Logic (I could be wrong). I kind of wanted to go the DuinoStamp route since it would save some money, but since I don't know jack about the Duinos either... I figured it was best to go the "Forum Approved" route. Hope this is helpful!
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