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Pursuing the idea of a Schlorwagen/Inrekor clone for another thread I was reading this: <<Porsche Type 64>> Wherein you find:

Why call it the Type 64? The model number came about because the car was built mainly from design drawings for the Type-64 "record car". Most mechanical parts came from the 38 prototype series. The chassis was heavily reinforced and the engine also reworked to produce around 100 horse power... Its flat-four engine produced 50 bhp and gave a top speed of around 160 km/h (99 mph).
That's on the basis of the original sub-1 liter engine with 21hp. By 1963 Porches came with the Super 90 engine. In the mid-50s when this motorhome was new, big bore kits, Okrasa dual-port heads and roller bearing crankshafts were available for the 1200cc 36hp engine. And Judson superchargers. That rust-out Matador fore-body is from an old truck, not the motorhome.

OTOH this bad boy isn't all that much larger than a camper, no larger than a South African class-C motorhome, and it has an aluminum body.
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