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Rarity- Accord V6 6MT Hypermile/Build Thread

This Thread is really long, so here is a table of contents.

42 MPG!

Rear diffuser, wheel boattails, upper grille block, and frondertray.

Tuft test video, scangauge relocation, mid undertrays, lower radiator panel, and rear diffuser extension.

New grille block, new best trip back home, and EOC questions

42.3 MPG!

Rear wheel spats and more undertray panels

43.6 MPG and minor tire spat modification

New best tank, 35.9 MPG!

Engine mod plans

New best tank, 38.1 MPG!

45.1 MPG!

47.1 MPG! Another new record!

Block heater

Exhaust channel deflector and new record tank 38.9 MPG

It was a dark and stormy night...And I got a 40+ mpg tank!

A few months ago I sold my 4 cylinder accord because I found my dream accord, a white V6 6MT sedan with ivory interior. So far the V6 has really impressed me with its mileage, although it was a step down in gas mileage, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. The V6 has about 84 more horsepower than the I4, 256 more pounds, and an extra gear, the thing I was really looking for. Despite the low city rating of 18 MPG, this thing could probably beat the I4 mileage-wise in a short trip of less than 3 miles from a cold start. I blame the pre-cats.

Since I have a new commute from when I had the 4 cylinder, I can't directly compare mileage, but I have had enough highway trips to compare those. So far I have been getting around 36 mpg, until I adjusted the valves and cleaned out the intake manifold and runners. After the service, the car felt more responsive and about 10 hp more powerful. Then on my next commute i got 40.3 MPG! Best trip in the V6 as of yet! Clean out your intake!

I have not done much modification to the car yet because Iím busy with college and I need more coroplast and ideas, but I have done some stuff. When I first got the car I noticed that it had DRLs, those had to go. I pulled a few fuses before finding the right one, a little 10 amp fuse. No noticed mileage improvement, and a DRL light popped up on the dash, which I can ignore.

The next mod was a grill block, thanks to inspiration from Istas I decided to try to make both upper and lower blocks. The upper block was a failure because I accidentally cut it too short and tried to expose the Honda badge. I have a whole other sheet of brand spankiní new coroplast, but I didnít want to cut into it in case I wanted to do a belly pan. The lower block however was a success and I think it looks decent. I thought about putting the hole in the middle, but I wanted to have cooling air going to the A/C evaporator to retain full A/C performance should I need it. The block is attached with six strips of Velcro on each surface: 2 long strips, top and bottom, and little strips on each side of them. The grill block did not raise the operating temperature and I did not notice any mileage improvement either.

After that I remembered the stupid little glovebox light that turns on whenever the headlights are on, so in the interest of reducing electrical load, I took it out.

Planned mods: Wheel covers, Rear wheel skirts, Engine and rear undertray, Hybrid diffuser if i can find one for cheap, airdam, and upper grill block.

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Best trip in V6: 52.0
Best tank in V6: 46.0
Best tank in CBR: 61.3
Best tank in VFR: 62.5
Best tank in SV: 83.9

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