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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
Thanks! And thanks! It took me months of searching to find the specific color and interior i wanted. There are enough 6-6 sedans out there, but hardly any of them are white. I think i just so happened to choose the rarest color of the rarest optioned accord. Its a little rough, but i hope to get it into much better condition than when it was purchased. Im going to rip out and clean the carpets probably next weekend, brace for the weight reduction jokes.

I blame Honda for making a great car and putting good ratios in a manny tranny. 6th gear is about 2100-2200 rpm at 65 mph. I'm pretty mild with my hypermiling as my commute gives me traffic to deal with. I'll stick to 65, coast downhill, DWL and some more basic hypermiling techniques. No EOC or going 55 mph. I accelerate at 80 LOD and shift at 2700 RPM, ill be in 6th gear by 40 (1200 rpm) and will hold down to 35 if acceleration is not required. 44/42 PSI in tires.

I was actually inspired by your thread to start my own thread. I love the consistent mileage reports and frequent modding you do. I'm certainly planning on mileage updates, but mods may not be so frequent.

I neglected to mention that on my I4 accord I made an engine undertray and mid trays for each side. The mid trays have been sacrificed for my grill block, but I'm hoping i can slap the engine tray on this one and get some pics soon.
Aww shucks That means a lot to me! It is always good to know that your work is inspiring!

You're doing a great job so far! I would cut back the freeway speed to 60 though, unless you happen to get better mpgs @ 65 rather than 60. For me, that is a 2-4 mpg gain on my instant readout depending on conditions.

Also, ditch the carpet. Your Accord could stand to lose a few pounds

Remember, thank a fellow EM'er for a helpful post!!!
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